School is a society and as such members have certain rights and responsibilities.

These rights and responsibilities should provide guidelines for the actions of all members of the school community.

Rights of Students as Members of the School Community:

  • Right to Professional Teachers;

Students have the right to teachers who are prepared, on time, mark homework, use a variety of teaching methods, engage students actively in learning, and who promote the goals of the school.

  • Right to Learn;

Students have the right to ask questions, use the library and computers, be creative, etc.

  • Right to Information;

Students have the right to have dates of exams, see grades, receive frequent evaluation of learning, know Ministry of Education and school rules, be made aware of choices available, etc.

  • Right to a Safe and Encouraging Environment;

Students have the right not to be shouted at, not to receive unfair criticism, not to have cynical or insulting remarks directed at them, not to be hit or suffer physical punishment.

  • Right to be Respected as Individuals;

Students have the right to two way communication, share their ideas freely, be heard, ask questions, be treated impartially and fairly.

Responsibilities of Students as Members of the School Community:

  • Respect for Others (friends, classmates, teachers, all staff);

Students should respect the rights and opinions of others, the positions and authority of others within the school system, and the culture of others.

  • Respect for the Environment;

Students should respect property of other persons, groups, the school and the society as a whole.

  • Respect for Oneself;

Students should show self-respect by not cheating or copying, by not swearing or using bad language, by behaving appropriately on buses and at all other times.

  • Respect for the Educational System;

Students should respect the school system by being on time (punctual), doing homework on time, showing a willingness to learn (shown by, for example, their sitting position in class, bringing materials as required, being prepared for lessons) and wearing appropriate dress.