The Özel Bilkent Schools are situated on east campus of Bilkent University, Ankara. The primary/middle schools and high school have separate buildings located across from one another. The high school sits amongst university faculty buildings, sharing a gymnasium and common parking areas. The primary school enjoys its own separate grounds and play areas. The latter building is modern, spacious, and has grown in three separate phases, with a sports hall, and a separate Grade 5-8 classroom block, and a separate wing for children aged 5 and 6 (Pre-K and K).

(Click here for a photo album of the Primary and Middle Schools)

Ankara has three seasons: a green and pleasant spring with reasonable rainfall and temperatures in the region of 20 Celsius. April to June is a progressively hot, but humidity-wise, dry summer with June to October having higher temperatures in the 28° to 35° Celsius range. Ankara has cold, continental winters, again enjoying relatively low humidity levels, bringing some snow in January, February, and patchily around those months, with temperatures varying between a relatively mild 10° to 15° Celsius, and at times cold days in the region of 0° to -10° Celsius.

These pictures (click here) of the Primary, Middle and High Schools give a taste of the seasons.


The map shows East campus and Bilkent Primary and Middle Schools; the high school is about 100 metres from the Primary and Middle School buildings, on the opposite side of the campus road.