There are currently 5 counsellors and one special-needs expert in the three schools who deal with many aspects of the children’s emotional and psychological development.

They provide individual counselling for specific problems, work in groups with the children on issues to do with their normal age-related development, undertake specific projects, provide support to parents, and work on seminars for teachers and parents on aspects of child development. They deal with aspects of testing cognitive and emotional development of children as required by the Ministry of Education, and deliver summaries of these to parents.

They are also involved in career counselling and deal with exam registration and university selection in the higher levels.

Special Educational Needs

In the early years programs the primary school has a special needs educator who provides support to class teachers in dealing with students with specific educational needs. The special needs educator works hand-in-hand with parents and teachers to provide one-on-one support to learners, as well as follow-up and advice to families.